In Chinua Achebe¡¯S Narrative ¡°Things Fall Apart¡±, Analyse How the Tribe¡¯S Culture and Tradition Are Broken Down

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, Igbo people Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: February 11, 2007
In Chinua Achebe¡¯s masterpiece ¡°Things Fall Apart¡± the author illustrates the fall of the Ibo tribe during the period of colonization by white people which takes place in lower Niger during the 19th century. This novel can be likened to the idea of Wiliam Butler Yeats¡¯ Poem ¡°The Second Coming¡± where he suggests that removal of important mechanism causes things to ¡®fall apart¡¯. In ¡°Things Fall Apart¡±, Okonkwo is signified as the centre of the Ibo tribe. There are certain events, both internally and externally, that eventually lead things to ¡®fall apart¡¯. The events that contribute to the fall of the Ibo tribe are; Okonkwo¡¯s exile, the arrival of the Christians, the death of Royal Python, the death of an Egwugwu, the giving away of the Evil Forest, the titled men befriending Mr. Brown and the conversion of Nwoye.

The coming of the white man was the beginning of the end of the Ibo culture. Among the villages, there were set rules which were never broken, because no matter how disagreeable the rules, people followed them to show loyalty to their ancestors, gods, and other spiritual beliefs. The Christians came and claimed that there was only one God, who had created the world including man and woman. If we look at in chapter sixteen, the white man explained to the Ibo people, ¡°All the gods you have named are not gods at all. They are gods of deceit who will tell you to kill your fellows and destroy innocent children. There is only one true God and He has made the earth, the sky, you and me and all of us.¡± For people who had always held a different set of beliefs this information brought confusion and mistrust contributing to the downfall of Ibo Tribe.

Things indeed start to ¡®fall apart¡¯ due to the absence of the Tribe¡¯s most honoured man Okonkwo. He had accidentally killed Ogbuefi Ezeuda¡¯s son which, ¡°was a crime against the goddess to kill a clans man¡± (pg.89/ch7) and he was to be banished for seven years before returning to Umofia. This...
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