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Topics: Marketing, Coca-Cola, Marketing research Pages: 5 (1199 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Q1. Discuss the nature and scope of Marketing Research. Identify some problems in different areas of Marketing where Marketing Research can be helpful.

Q2. Is a research design always necessary before a research study can be conducted? In what may do exploratory, descriptive and causal research design differ? Explain with the help of an example.

Q3. A marketing manager needs to find the causes for the decline in market share of his company. The manager decides to conduct marketing research. How should he go about finding a supplier of research services?

Q4. a) Distinguish between a Focus Group Interviews and an in-depth interview.

b) In which cases would an In-depth Interview be more applicable than a Focus Group Interview?

Q5. a) What do you understand by selecting samples from the universe?

b) Discuss the various methods of probability sampling. Use examples to illustrate cases in which each of the methods would be most applicable.



Q1. State whether you agree or disagree with the statement ‘Correct identification and clear definition of the research problem are more crucial to the success of a market research study than sophisticated research techniques’. Justify your answer with suitable examples.

Q2. Discuss the various steps in Questionnaire design.

Q3. What sampling scheme you will muse in following situations?

a. A study to find out preference and people for shampoos in urban market.

b. A survey to study the potential users of microwave oven in Delhi.

c. A survey to study the usage of laptops in the small office segment-All India Level.

Q4. Explain the process of new product development and highlight the role of marketing research in developing a product.

Q5. Write short note on the following :

a. Data Gathering techniques.

b. Product Research.


Q1. Amul is planning to launch a new flavour of ice cream and wants to get a snapshot of the potential market. The ice cream has coconut-white chocolate flavour and is aimed at the premium market. What type of research design is appropriate? Develop the research questions and hypothesis.

Q2. Discuss in detail various methods by which sales forecasting can be done.

Q3. Distinguish between Semantic Differential scale and Liker scale. Give examples.

Q4. Discuss the methods of pre-testing and post-testing of advertisements.

Q5. Write short on the following.

Advantages and disadvantages of open ended and closed ended questions. T-test and z-test.
Null hypothesis.


Rex Contact Lens Company

Contact lenses are a modern way of correcting vision. The market has grown rapidly and changed tin character in recent years. Prices have remained high, but Rex Contact Lens Company came up with a plan for selling contact lenses by mail, a system that would permit it to sell at a much lower price than was currently available. Before making the investment necessary to develop this new channel of distribution, Rex wanted to make a better forecast of possible sales than it had made up to date, and it chose to use the survey method for the forecast.

Two thirds of the total retail market was estimated to be replacement sales. The average life of a contact lens was thought to be about one year. If 20 million wore contacts and replaced each lens once a year the total replacement market was 40 million lenses a year.

Rex’s concept was for a mail-order replacement service for contact lenses. Catalog sales wore booming in many product areas. And the proposed plan would fit with this national development. A catalog would be prepared with pictures and descriptions of contact lenses and their advantages. A toll free number would be provided for quick service. Lenses would be shipped in sealed bottles within 24 hours of receipt of order and overnight delivery would...
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