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“Smart, Skilled, and Creative In a Joyful Competition for Excellence”

City Montessori Inter College, RDSO Campus, Manak Nagar, Lucknow, India Phone – 91-522-2453546, 2461803 Fax – 91-522-2461803, 2638008 Email –

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It has been generally acknowledged that education determines the quality of human resources. Elementary schools, as part of the basic education, provide children with skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and basic science. A program which could stimulate creativity, develop critical and analytical thinking is important to be provided to children at the primary school level are in the “golden period of education”. To implement this program, City Montessori School (CMS) chain of schools, the Guinness Book World Record, Gusi Peace Prize, UNESCO Peace Prize holder and organizer of 32 International Competitions has taken upon itself to organize IMSO 2012 under the secretaryship of Mrs. S. Mansharamani, Principal, CMS RDSO Campus. Participation in the 9th IMSO is by invitation.

“Developing Smart, Skilled, and Creative Children through Competition for Excellence”

The general objectives of the Olympiad are to improve the competencies of the elementary school students in Mathematics and Science and foster relationships among primary school students. The specific objectives of this Olympiad are: a. To develop elementary school students’ talent and interest in Mathematics and Science; and b. To motivate the elementary school students in developing their intellectual capacity and skills in Mathematics and Science.

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Guidelines and Regulations
a. Schedule 1. The 9th IMSO 2012 will be held in the CMS RDSO Lucknow, India on October, 29th to November, 1st 2012. 2. Contestants and officials must arrive in Lucknow on the 29th October 2012. 3. Tutors/Trainers will discuss marking schemes of contest problems on 30th and 31st October 2012. 4. Tests will be held on 30th and 31st October 2012. b. Itinerary Date Activities Students • Arrival at Lucknow Airport • Transfer to Hotel/Place of accommodation • Registration • Opening Ceremony IMSO 2012 • Marking Schemes -Theoretical Examination I • Tours • Theoretical Examination Paper Returned • Marking Schemes - Theoretical Examination II • Marking Schemes - Explorations with Math / Science Experiments • All other Test Papers Returned Tutors • Arrival at Lucknow Airport • Transfer to Hotel / Place of accommodation • Registration • Welcome Party for Team Leaders and Tutors

28 - 10- 2012 (Sunday)

29 - 10- 2012 (Monday) 30 - 10- 2012 (Tuesday)

• Theoretical Examination I

31 - 10- 2012 (Wednesday)

• Theoretical Examination II • Science Experiments • Explorations with Math • Cultural Presentation Night

1 - 11- 2012 (Thursday)

• Tours

• Moderation • Tours (City Tours) • Farewell Dinner and Prize Giving Ceremony of IMSO 2012

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Deadlines and dates
a. Confirmation Date: 5th September 2012. b. Submission of Detail of all the Delegates: 20th September 2012 c. Submission of Proposed Problems: 15th September 2012 d. Submission of Complete Flight Schedule: 30th September 2012

c. Types of Problems and Test Regulations 1) IMSO 2012 is an Individual Competition. The problems consist of two (2) parts for each subject. a) Theoretical and exploration problems for Mathematics; b) Theoretical and experimental problems for Science; 2) The problems are constructed based on Mathematics and Science elementary school curricula, reference books, and other relevant sources which cover intellectual reasoning and creativity. 3) Syllabus a) Math • Arithmetic: integers, rational numbers and their representations (fraction, decimal, and percentage), factoring numbers, greatest common divisor, least common multiples, number ordering, and ratio and proportion. • Geometry: angle and its...
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