Imse 3001 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Coursework 1

Topics: Computer-aided manufacturing, Computer-aided design, 3D computer graphics software Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: December 31, 2012
IMSE 3001
Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Coursework No. 1

Recently, our company strategy has been reviewed and new management policies are introduced to cope with the recent technology development and future market trend.

Workflow in the e-commerce environment:
Under the new management policies, an e-commerce system will be established. IDEF0 Diagrams for illustrating the respective workflow in the e-commerce environment are shown as follows:

Figure 1: Node A-0

Figure 2: Node A0

Figure 3: Node A4

Figure 4: Node A5

There are two kinds of jewellery available for our customers, namely basic jewellery and tailor-made jewellery. For the basic jewellery, over 50 basic designs will be provided for customers to select. Customer can choose from the different combinations of design and used materials. Moreover, customers can customize the designs. They can specify their requirements in the order. After customers have made the decision, they can place the order online. Customers need to provide their contact information and order specifications in the order e-form thought the e-commerce system. These order details can be retrieved though the system.

When an order is received, it will be sorted into basic order or tailor-made order by the system (see Figure 2). For the basic order, since the design sketches and CAD models are already created before, the system will send the specification of the basic order to vendors in China and India automatically. Since the moulds which are made of silicone rubber or vulcanized rubber are already produced, the vendors can generate the wax pieces and start the lost-wax casting process for creating the finished metal products (i.e. jewellery) directly (see Figure 3). For the tailor-made order, the system will send the specification of the tailor-made order to the designer (see Figure 2). The designer will prepare several design sketches for customers to comment and select. When the design is...
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