Impulse Buying

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Choose a topic related to this subject area and write a scholarly paper in no less than 1500 words (excluding the title page, bibliography and appendices). When writing your research paper, please note the following guidelines: z Please e-mail your professor an outline and specific title of this paper, prior to starting it. In addition to your primary text, you are required to use a minimum of 5 additional references from professional journals and books to produce your scholarly paper.

z Your research paper must adhere to the style and format requirements set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Your paper must include a title page, headings and a bibliography. Footnotes are not Consumer Behavior – Course Syllabus BUS511 (2010E) Page 4

needed. The bibliography is to be used to reference quotes and other previously written works. Appendices containing support information can also be added. z Your paper must be in your own words.

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they help move the economy of cities, countries and ultimately the world.

A consumer's lifestyle mainly depends upon following factors: Income
Marital status
Social group
Buying power.
Any change in one of them changes the behaviour of consumer.

Conduct customer analysis...

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