Improving your writing.

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Improving Writing
When we write one of the most important things we have to remember is purpose. What’s the point of writing something if we don’t know why? Purpose is one of many things that I’ve learned to improve my writing along with punctuation, enhancing vocabulary, and articulation. Punctuation is key when writing. If we don’t use punctuation our sentences would fall together and we wouldn’t be able to articulate the words like we could if we had punctuation. Understanding your work is the number one key to become a good writer. If we get passed our strength we could start to develop an understanding of our weaknesses. This all come in your writing and how you present it. Articulation is the act of putting thoughts or ideas into specific types of writing, it’s the way we present our work and understand our work. When we write we should feel emotion and connect with ourselves so we can pick and pin point ideas that the audience can connect with. We don’t just throw words at the paper and expect them to get into the order we want them in. We have to articulate and enhance the forms of vocabulary we use when writing to make it better. Enhancing vocabulary is always a good writing skill; we wouldn’t just want to use the same words we use in 3rd grade as we write a college paper. I myself think it’s good to look up new words and expand your mind to supplement good writing, but you need to actually apply this in everyday language as well. People would think we are intellectually capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation. There are of course many other ways we can improve writing technique. We just have to focus on the literary side of English, but also articulate and draw ideas from the language side.
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