Improving the Online Enlistment System of the University of Asia and the Pacific

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Improving the Online Enlistement System of the University of Asia and the Pacific

A Research Paper
Presented to
Ms. Linette de Guzman
University of Asia and the Pacific

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
English 103 2nd Semester, School Year 2013-2014

Trissia Mika U. Pelayo
March 20, 2014

The study focuses on improving the performances of servers of the University of Asia and the Pacific in order to improve the Online Enlistment System. Surveys were randomly handed out to 30 students in the University who are not freshmen or taking the Entrepreneurial Management Program. Most students found the performance of the Online Enlistment System poor and most had to enlist for their remaining subjects on-campus but only a few experienced problems in their first week of class. The study would contribute to improving servers of information in small communities about the same size as the University of Asia and the Pacific.

I. Introduction
For every existing website, there is a server that hosts its files. According to Oracle (2010), they are miniature computers that “provide services to other systems in their network”. Their services range from printing, installing, licensing, storing files, hosting a database, booting and some can exclusive to the application. (Oracle, 2010) As far as 1981, servers have emerged which is the time IBM created the first list server. A decade later, the first web server known as the NeXT Cube was created. (Jose, 2012) Eventually, the Servers make work more efficient as it can attend to more than one client and provide the service for them as well as others at the same time. Now, the World Wide Web is becoming more available to the masses and more servers are being produced for web applications online. (Jose 2012).

The University of Asia and the Pacific is one of the universities that have their own server. A well-known use of the university’s server among its students is the Online Enlistment System. The Online Enlistment System has been running since 2009 according to the Doñu Fernandez, a member of the Information and Communications Technology Office (personal communication, November 15, 2013). Since July 15, 2013, the University has been carefully implementing the modified Online Enlistment System through a number of tests. (UA&P Enlistment System, n.d.) Despite having a smaller population compared to most universities that have their own servers, the students still experience problems and many seem to believe that the server that hosts it may be responsible.

A hosting server is usually used for hosting websites by storing its files and making them accessible to the public. (What is a hosting server?, n.d.) As Oracle (2010) has cited earlier, the servers have a variety of services which includes database. A database is a basic storage unit of organized electronic information for easier retrieval. (Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, n.d). Since each server has its own function, multiple servers are formed into what is a called a Cluster Computer so that they can support each other and they can all be viewed as one system. (Cluster Computing, n.d.). An appropriate server for a university would be a server that runs on a Client-Server Network for its better security, vast amount of employees and students and requirement of a central server. (Posey, 2000). Also, from the same article Posey (2000) has written,there are servers are separated. In the example Dwssruthi presented in his article, it’s better to purchase a server based in the United States rather than India since the data will have to be transmitted for about half the globe before it reaches the United States....

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