Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation Summary

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Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation Summary

Improving Organizational Performance
The world of business has seen many examples of successful and unsuccessful companies approach their business activities in a different way and modeled different parts of the organizational structure. However, the most important element of any company, not depending on its size, profile of activity or type, is its labor force – the number of employees constitutes the driving element of any company and provides its efficiency. Any company owner directs efforts on its increased performance, the main indicator of the company’s profitability and sustainability. The topic of the paper is to deal with the ways to improve organizational performance through the influence on employees, increasing their motivation and dealing with stress at the workplace, which is likely to become the dominant barrier to the achievement of the stipulated goal. Improve Organizational Performance

There may be many recommendations on how to influence organizational performance in a positive way, the central of which calls to pay attention to stress present in any profession. If the indicators of productivity are plummeting and the staff shows signs of dissatisfaction, the key role of the employer is to determine stressful factors evident at the workplace. This should be the starting point of the organizational change aimed at producing a more favorable climate for work, more motivating environment, and increase employee satisfaction and efficiency. As it has been seen in the simulation about the AirDevils, Inc. Company, the initial steps taken by the owner were to understand the core reasons for employee dissatisfaction. They turned out to be multiple – ranging from underpayment to inequality of opportunity and selectivity of access to benefits offered by the company’s administration. It turned out that people who work there are highly motivated regarding the type of job they do –...

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