Improving Organization Retention Paper

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Improving Organization Retention Paper
JC’s casino is a lovely resort where people go to stay and enjoy themselves. The JC’s casino has a supportive work environment that offers equal opportunity to the employees, they are offered excellent wages, good benefits and have the opportunity for advancement within the company. Within the casino there are problems and management has contracted an independent consultant to help with retention and issues the employees are having. Rudeness is at the low end of the continuum of workplace abuse; workplace rudeness isn't violence or harassment or even open conflict, although it can build up to any of those things. Links between the work environment and indicators of employee loyalty, commitment, and productivity show this is not a “fluff” issue. In addition, a recent study on workplace incivility reveals that rude employees and managers can cost a company millions of dollars a year. This paper will give some background on rudeness at work, identify the kinds and causes of poor behavior, enumerate the costs to organizations, and discuss what employers can do to reduce rudeness at work (Johnson P., Indvik J., 2001). The consultant will address the issues and occupational stressors the employees are having with management and other employees. The consultant will make recommendations and implement new working motivation to help with the retention and recruitment process. For the employees who are doing their job, the consultant will help management to encourage their good performance by offering the employees something they can look forward to as a reward for a good job. The consultant will work to decrease the counterproductive and increase the employee’s productive behavior. The issues have caused retention rate to decrease throughout the casino, and has caused large gaps between management and the employees. The consultant has started the analysis from the hiring process to figure out what the problem is with the...

Links: Spector, P. E. (2012). Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New York, NY: Wiley and Sons
Rudeness at Work: Impulse over Restraint
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