Improving Knowledge and Practice

Topics: Implementation, Staff, Policy Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: September 1, 2013

Following the completion of my project "sickness and absence at cefn lodge care home" i decided that a structured sickness and absence procedure & back to work interviews should be put into place and implemented without delay. This is a major problem at cefn lodge and one i feel needs to be addressed to improve the situation, provide continuity of care for our residents, improve staff morale, comply with legal requirements and reduce costs and finally reduce managerial headaches and overtime!.

·1 , Firstly i planned the change, i set a structured sickness and absence procedure - set guidelines - timescales in order to improve statistics. i included the need to evaluate and review attendence regularly.

·2, I then held a general staff meeting to inform staff of the change - during this meeting we used brainstorming techniques , we negotiated options and assesed the pro's and con's of change. opions were that a change would be for the better. i explain what changes there would be and stressed the importance of working towards a clearly defined vision of the future. i explained that i would make time available to support staff , should there be any problems, i stressed positive outcomes that should arise from implementing proposals.

·3, I also held a senior staff meeting to direct managers/ supervisors of their resposibility to record absence, using staff sickness log book and the need to keep effective and ongoing records of attendance.

·4, Policy and procedures re: self appraisal and staff supervision were updated to include review of attendance prior to activity and documentation and literature were received to implement back to work interviews.

·5. Disciplinary action requirements were disscussed and options clearly agreed to what is expected of others . policy and procedures were set , staff were informed via handouts.

·6. Self appraisals is to be used to discuss attendance with employees , this can be good as...
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