Improving Employee Productivity
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Improving Employee Productivity

As you may already know, improving the employee productivity is one of the most important goals in any business. But, in spite of this, a lot of human resources professionals do not consider this field very relevant. Even though most of the human resources professionals do admit that their job is all about establishing schedules and rules concerning people management, only a few of them succeeds in bonding all these connections, in order to be able to increase productivity. John Sullivan (2011) refers in his article to several factors divided in a few categories, which are considerably influencing not only the individual productivity, but also the team productivity.
Employee productivity is the main leading power behind a company’s profitability and its growth. Momentarily, the demand for employee productivity is increasing more and more, making this a feature that is actually missing in today’s workforce and also leaving most of the managers wondering what they should do next and what the causes are. This is the result of all the distractions and all the separate activities happing in the work environment. Nowadays, it seems that employees are too busy tweeting, updating their statuses or chatting on Facebook, or simply texting. Because of that, most employees are not taking their tasks to an end, they are not finishing their work and they miss their deadlines. Another key aspect of this problem concerns the employee training tools. Unfortunately, this aspect receives too little attention. Most of the time, the provider with the lowest costs is often chosen, even though the most effective provider is recommended. As a result, the recruitment is also poor, because of having as a main goal to minimize costs as much as possible, but without enough consideration of the quality and the capability of each employer. No matter how you think it, the drawn conclusion here is that the human resources department, instead of being more

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