Improving Communication between Management and Employees

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1.0 Case Summary 1
2.0 Problem Statement
2.1. Disgruntled Employees
2.2. Failure in Meeting Production Requirement
2.3. Authoritarian Leadership Style
2.4. The ignorance of Mr McKintosh
2.5. Lack of Knowledge in Union Membership
3.0 Alternative Strategies
3.1. Provide Adequate Welfare Facilities
3.2. Improve Communication between Superior and
3.3. Fulfil the needs of employees
3.4. Increase awareness Of Union’s Responsibilities & Functions 4.0. Evaluation Of Alternative Strategies
5.0 The Best Strategy And Justification
6.0 Implementation
6.1 Short Term
6.2 Long Term
Syarikat Getah Bagus Sdn Bhd faced problems in their production. Mr John Ho is Production Manager for this company. He was asked to supply tyre to a few clients but the problem is they cannot do so. The company facing absenteeism, malingering and production delays on the part of the tyre operators. His department are questioned whether they could meet the quotas required while ensuring the quality and reliability of the products. The complaints also arise from customers about the quality of the tyre as it can only on the road for about three months only. This has cause a demand for replacement from Inspectorate Unit. Mr John Ho wants to settle this problem by meeting the Worksite Chairman, Mr Tan See Seng. Mr Tan See Seng is a senior operator with eighteen years’ experience. Mr John wants to meet Mr Tan as he received another order from government as the order is important and urgent. A conversation between this two shows that Mr Tan not satisfied with Mr John over his men welfare-their food and uniform, which supposed to be taken care by management of Mr John. Mr Tan was not happy with Mr John attitudes and he meet up with Industrial Relation Manager, Mr Ferns. During his meeting with Mr Ferns, Mr Mathew show up and tell both of them about Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting to solve all the arises problem. But before they could have meeting, all of the factory workers making a ruckus as they are not satisfied with Mr John. After the ruckus, Mr Jim McKintosh, the managing director called Mr Mathews and both of them went to the canteen to calm down the angered workers. Mr Mathews try to calm down the workers by asking them to talk about their problem. Mr Ferns pursue Mr Tan as the workers representative to have a conversation at his office. This has made the crowd to disperse and they agreed to continue working at the production. In the meantime, a representative from National Union and Ministry of Labour has arrived. The National Union’s Secretary, Mr Nasir and the President, Mr Veloo together with Ministry of Labour’s Conciliator, Mr Kiruba has come to talk about the order that they have made to this company. The atmosphere was tense which make Mr McKintosh to leave the meeting early and left only his management team. PROBLEM STATEMENT

Disgruntled Employees
Based on the cases, the company does have received a complaint by their disgruntled employee regarding their welfare. They employees have been promise by their company through the collective agreement. The employees said the company is ‘liar’ because they are not fulfilling their promise as they agreed. Based on the agreement, the company should provide the employees three set of uniform but they only get 2 and next the worse things happen when another problem arise. The food that the canteen provides to the employees is rotten fish, rotten meat and also an old chicken. How can the employees do their job if the company cannot provide them adequate welfare facilities? Although they already brought this issue to the canteen supervisor but the management do not take part to take an action to solve this issue. Failure in Meeting Production Requirement

The Tyre Division in Syarikat Getah Bagus Sdn Bhd was faced the decline in production as well...

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