Improving Business Systems and Subsystems: Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, Operating system Pages: 8 (2886 words) Published: November 30, 2009
Improving Business Systems and Subsystems: Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

Jamie Franklin, Justin Perrine, Eric Kambestad and Kayode Tomoloju

Business Systems/BSA 310

University of Phoenix
Instructor: Tom Swanson PhD, PMP.
November 8, 2009

The Chief Executive Officer of Riordan Manufacturing in a service Request SR-rm-012 requested a summary evaluation that will lead to improvement on all level of Business systems and Subsystems that is currently in place at Riordan Manufacturing. This paper shall review existing Business Systems and Subsystems and proffer necessary suggestions that will lead to improvement and will help to streamline and consolidate business operation in the company. First there is need to provide some insight and preamble of Riordan Manufacturing business structure, the nature of the company’s business and the type s of operating business systems and subsystems in use across all departments of the company. Riordan is a fortune 1000 and a current leader in the manufacturing of plastic injection molding. The company has three location facilities in USA and one in Peoples Republic of China. The company is noted manufacturing products, which includes medical stent, customs plastics parts, heart valves and plastic bottles. The greatest business Systems challenges Riordan is facing is that the various entities of the company currently operate on different information systems and subsystems, which tend to create bottleneck in data management process of the entire company. An overview of the current business systems used in Riordan Manufacturing are as follows: At the Corporate office in San Jose, the company have in place a fully integrated window based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturing, distribution and financial, the Georgia facility operate on a AS4000’s with UNIX operating system on PC’S (Windows) as workstations with RPG400 capability. In addition, Michigan plant is run on a pair of DEC Alphas system.

It is therefore pertinent that Riordan Manufacturing use of multiple business system will lead to complexity in data management, which imperatively will result in disparity of reports across all departments of the organization and the company at large. Henceforth to ensure effectiveness of various business information systems in the company, especially processing data related to customers, suppliers, and other financial records in the company, there is need for improving in the current business systems in place at Riordan. This paper shall henceforth evaluate the current information systems and subsystems used for business purpose across the spectra of the company. Focus will be on mission statement of the organization and the use of internet to propagate the business. How effective and efficient the finance and accounting systems in place help the company to maximize time and money, what type of Human resources and Legal system is the company deploying and also how effective is the Sales and Marketing systems Riordan have in place as well as the company’s operating system. Having a vivid understanding of the existing business systems and subsystems used in the company will help in proffering suggestion that ultimately will lead to improving the standard and implementation of the company’s information systems, which will result in sustainable growth in Riordan manufacturing company. Identifying and describing the existing and needed Mission and internet systems and subsystems. The mission statement of Riordan Manufacturing is to be an industry leader by using polymer materials to provide solutions to their customer’s challenges. In order to achieve this objective the company sought to embark on research and development (R&D) project by identifying the industry trend with specific focus on how it will strive to be a solution provider to the customers by creating a long term relationships with them. The company also...

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