Improving Attendance in Statutory Education

Topics: Teacher, Special education, Education Pages: 5 (1536 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Evaluate the role of different agencies in improving the attendance of children and young people in statutory education.

Under the Education Act 1996, the Council has a statutory duty to ensure children and young people receive fulltime, efficient education, which is suitable to the age, and ability and any special needs they may have. This is usually through attendance at school. The Education Welfare Service (EWS) is one agency which takes the lead role for the Council in supporting school attendance. It will do this through working with children and families, supporting schools and linking with other agencies including the legal system. The EWS will look at a whole range of ideas for why the children aren’t attending school and will look at solutions for this whether it be legal action or just working closely with all involved for example parents, teachers and the school. On the whole this is an extremely important agency which aims to get children into education and helps work out why they are not in education, however there are negative aspects to the agency as they may have to work closely with social services if the parents aren’t fulfilling there role and legal action may be taken again the parents aren’t fulfilling the responsibility although this is a negative aspect of the agency it is all in place for the overall well being of the child. Police can work with local schools and EWC, by undertaking local patrols to detect truancy and going to local areas where children may hide out. By having the police involved children and parents will be able to understand the severity of truancy and poor school attendance which is a positive outcome. This can then lead on to the Youth Offending Team (YOT) whose staff identifies school attendance issues and work actively to resolve them. The Council will work with agencies such as housing companies, Police, Connexions, YOT and voluntary organisations to develop protocols to identify children without school places. Overall these agencies are all there to help improve attendance in schools and all have the same aims, by working together with the school, agencies and organisiations the schools will be able to have the correct support in place for the children in and out of schools, parents and the teachers. The agencies are able to work out reasons for poor attendance and make sure issues are resolved. These organizations are here for a positive reason and to help children get the best education possible and cutting down on reasons for poor attendance.

Explain the role of key individuals in improving whole school attendance.

Educational Welfare officers-
Once a child is registered at a school, it is the parents legal duty to make sure that the child attends school regularly. The role of Education Welfare Officers is to work closely with schools, children and their parents, and with agencies to make sure this happens. The educational welfare officers will work closely with these people to find out why children arent attending regularly and figure out soloutions to ensure this changes.If the parents fail to cooperate and the child does not return to regular attendance at school, the Education Welfare Service may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice or take legal action.Educational welfare officers can refer cases to other agencies such as social services, educational psychologists and health professionals. Ultimately their main responsibilities is to provide support to the children, the families and the school in all areas whether it to be advice on legal responsibilities, or building relationships between the school and the parents and making sure school attendance is at a maximum, if school attendance is not consistant then the educational welfare officers will look into reasons and solutions for this.

Teaching Support Workers-
Support teachers are in classrooms to support teachers in what they are trying to achieve, they are also there to help individuals who are in...
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