Improvement of Business Information System in a Restaurant

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As employees of XXX, we pride ourselves to be working in one of the most popular restaurant and believe that each employee who contributes his share for the growth of the company will reap the rewards of a long lasting amicable working relationship, gainful employability and compensation for his or her dedicated work. This drives the team to find improvements that will lead XXX to have a better competitive advantage over her competitors and at the same time to equip the members with skills in analyzing, researching and recommending improvements to the inefficiencies discovered in the process. The impact of the project must be able to realize the benefits and therefore proper implementation and follow-up of the improvements, whether in the trial runs, securing and installing of needed equipment and resources, plus training for the staff must be carefully documented.

The team started off by setting the goals and objectives collectively and each member was assigned different tasks to analyze and research the given segment. They are expected to review and understand the principles of Business Process Management, the Business Information System Design And Essential Reports, the Database Management System Design before proceeding to the system conceptual planning and implementation.


The team seeks to introduce to analyze, review, improve and transform the current Business Information System for XXX Home Delivery System. The goal is to create competitive advantages for XXX by refining the Home Delivery System to be more user friendly, reduce rejection rates due to manual recording thereby increase productivity, enhances data collection, data security, improve orders reporting, reduce costs and improve cycle-time of delivery of orders.

3. Competitive Advantages

We have to ask ourselves if XXX has a competitive advantage over its competitors. Why did we end up analysing the flow of the home

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