Impressions of Stanley, Bella, and Blanche

Topics: Character, Marriage, Lie Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: November 25, 2011
What are your initial impressions of Stella, Stanley & Blanche? When we are originally introduced to Stella she is perceived as affectionate and humorous, I gather that she loves toward Stanley, who seems to be the opposite. We are given the impression that Stella is a house wife, because of Stanley’s character. Stanley seems to be a man’s man. He throws a parcel of bloody meat to his wife which immediately creates an impression that Stanley is not affectionate at all. He seems to have a very sexual nature, he doesn’t seem to love Stella for the same reasons she loves him. Stanley appears to be rough and seems to like being a leader. Blanche is described as a ‘moth’. This suggests that she is delicate, and self destructive. She immediately stands out when she arrives, as she dresses with care and taste; she wears peals and fur, this creates quite an impression, due to the area of America she has gone. We assume she expected Stella to live somewhere of a higher class.

Consider the setting, characters and the plot in direct relation to how the notion of tragedy is evident from the outset. We can tell that the tale is going to be one of tragedy for very early on. And even more so as the play unfolds. Stanley abuses his wife, physically, and looks down upon women. Blanche is a woman who has lost her home, and currently has nowhere to live, as well as not seeming to be in a particularly stable place of mind, her husband is dead, and she appears to be lonely. Stella is living with her violent, sex driven, husband. Who doesn’t seem to give her respect, But Stella appears to go along with this, But couldn’t leave- even if she wanted to.

Is Williams’ detailed use of stage directions effective?
Yes, Due to Williams’ using stage directions, it allows us to understand, and see each character in a different light. For example, When Stella lies about drinking- the stage directions tell us earlier that she had already had a shot of whiskey before Stella got home. If...
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