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Imported from Detroit

By kdoogie77 Jan 11, 2013 581 Words
Fading in from the Back
Kyrianne L. Norman
Baker College

Fading in from the Back
The 2011 Chrysler 200 advertisement, “Imported from Detroit”, is effective mainly because of the use of the three rhetorical pleas to persuasion. Ethos, the credibility of the speaker, is greatly shown by the writer’s choice of spokesperson. Pathos, the underlying values, beliefs, and attitudes of the viewer, are exposed by the words and scenes that explain Detroit’s story. Last, logos, persuasion by reasoning, is explained by the connection between Detroit and Chrysler. Aristotle’s primary tactics of argument are well represented in this influential advertisement.

The best way to present credibility in is to use reliable resources. In this commercial, the speakers past times of living in Detroit express the understanding of the city’s struggles. Eminem, the rapper, has lived through the ups and downs of Detroit and that’s why he is a perfect example. For instance, many think of Detroit as a place of drugs and Eminem once had a problem with drugs, which gives him credibility. Other effective, credible examples can also be perceived. Like Detroit’s statue, “The Spirit of Detroit” reminds the viewer that the commercial is not only about the car, but also Detroit. The Chrysler 200 advertisement was very effective due to the credibility, the ethos, of the voice and images presented.

A reasonable way to show emotion is by using imagery. In this advertisement, the word choice really expresses the emotion of both the Chrysler and Detroit. The spokesperson says, “What does a town that’s been to Hell and back know about the finer things in life? Well, I’ll tell you more than most. They have hard work and knowhow.” The spokesperson is referring to hard work and knowhow as the reference to what’s keeping both Detroit and Chrysler going. Emotional appeals can also be revealed in the scenery. For example, the commercial shows a broken down building in the beginning and the Fox theater later on, expressing how everything in life has its ups and downs but it’s how we choose to view it that really matters. This advertisement was highly effective, due to the emotional appeals, pathos, presented through the words and scenery.

The best method of explaining the logic behind the commercial is by the connection between Detroit and Chrysler. In this case, Detroit was a logical place to have the commercial featured because “when it comes to luxury it’s as much about where it’s from as who it’s for.” A connection between Detroit and Chrysler is made in that statement because for some people Detroit may be the best and for some it may seem like the worst, as well as with Chrysler. In addition, Detroit and Chrysler both have had times of gleam and times of depression, but when given the opportunity they shine. For example, Detroit and Chrysler come together and create Motor City’s Chrysler 200. The “Imported from Detroit” advertisement was effective because of the logic, the logos, by the connection between Detroit and Chrysler. The three rhetorical pleas to persuasion presented in the “Imported from Detroit”, Chrysler 200 advertisement, are extremely effective to the viewer. The writer’s choice of spokesperson is effective because of the credibility, ethos, of the speaker. The words and scenes that explain Detroit’s story underline the values, beliefs, and attitudes, pathos, of the viewer. Finally, the connection between Detroit and Chrysler persuade the viewer by reasoning, logos. Presented in this influential advertisement are Aristotle’s primary tactics of argument.

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