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English 0310

The three most fun super powers that would be useful for me would be to be able to time travel, the ability to fly, and the power of invisibility. There are other great super powers like super strength and breathing underwater, but the three powers I mentioned let you do amazing things, especially when used together or use them as important and necessary day by day. Time travel would be fun for me, especially because I love to know more about the story. Imagine having the ability to see what was happening over the years, 100, 200 or 300 years ago. Otherwise also imagine that you can see in real life or in the future famous events that were always curious, such as the sinking of the Titanic, and famous battles of the American Revolution or Mexican Revolution. I like to observe events that other historians wrote, that he could only read, and see them live and learn more about these stories. The ability to fly, obviously, would be fun. Imagine being able to fly through a city and know every city and, continent. Imagine flying to the balcony of my room instead of going up each step of the house! Additionally, you could fly to the street and not have to wait for the green light at each intersection. Thus flying will save much time and travel whenever you use it. Another option would be to do both traffic in time to go home or go visit your family, your arrival at each destination would be faster . Invisibility would be fun, especially for things disguised as spying on people, detective work investigating each case and no one sees you. It would also make you the best hide-and-seek player of all time. It would be useful as it allows you to reach places that you otherwise would not have access. For example, it would be great to go to a concert of your favorite artist and no one would realize that you’re sitting next to the band listening as you sing. No one would know you...
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