Important Truths Begin as Outrageous, or at Least Uncomfortable, Attacks Upon the Accepted Wisdom of the Time.

Topics: Truth, Reason, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: January 11, 2011
"Important truths begin as outrageous, or at least uncomfortable, attacks upon the accepted wisdom of the time." From time immemorial, important ”important truths” which have the capacity revolutionalising and bettering the condition of the people are often consider as dross, outrageous, unaccepted, or at least uncomfortable to the society at that time. This has been a major setback to our socioeconomic development, yet we had lived with for ages and our history is fraught with examples. The reasons range from opposition by people who consider these “truths” as heresies and by leaders who are desperate to retain their positions and would not allow anything that could challenge their authority. People tend to oppose “truths” that go against their beliefs which have long been held by them and that probably constitute a major framework of their societal structure. For instance when Galileo, Italian physicist and astronomer, asserted that the earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa , the common belief , he was vehemently opposed, the act was considered reprehensible, punishable and was charged for “grave suspicion of heresy”. Galileo was compelled in 1633 to abjure (formally renounce his beliefs) and was sentenced to life imprisonment (swiftly commuted to permanent house arrest). The Dialogue, his book, was ordered to be burned, and the sentence against him was to be read publicly in every university. In addition to opposing important truth base on the ground that it is an heresy, the leaders are also important factor in appealing to people emotion to oppose the “truths”, this is because these “important truths” sometimes challenge their authority, expose the leaders to scrutiny and perhaps to ridicule. For instance, fractions are likely to ensue from effect of the truth on the people, causing rebellion to the leaders, an act that the leader dread to even consider at all. The Authority during Galileo time feared opposition from the people since they...
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