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The Importance of Accountability
Pamela Johnson
HCS 475
August 7, 2012
William Wood

The Importance of Accountability
Accountability is the act of accepting ownership over action and their contribution to the organization. Leadership and staff can influence large and small group and empower them to meet the objectives for the organization. The purpose of this paper discusses accountability in health care industry, and employee accountability. How accountability applies to ethical consideration in leadership and management, check-and-balance process, and accountability affect working culture.
Why is accountability important in the health care industry?
Concerning accountability, there are three levels to consider first, organizational accountability second, management accountability last, worker accountability. They share information to keep those who need to know. They set goals for themselves and people, and their team, and they explain how those goals measured. They monitor the goals and provide feedback. They consider potential outcome of their action, and decision. They take responsibility for their action as well as those people under them. They learn from their mistake, and help others learn from their. Health care industry set specific mandates and requirements for financial reporting, which sets deadline for compliance and rules and requirement (Turk, 2012). The integrity in the accounting standard applies to government and business practices (Turk, 2012). Organizations need to take responsibility for their action. The key component is to continue monitoring goals and objective. The accountability begins at the top and encompasses each level of the organization.

How is an employee’s accountability measured in the health care industry? Employee accountability is the same as manager accountability, and the expectations should held accountable for meeting or not meeting these expectation. The biggest problem is communicating that

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