Important Management Skills

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Richard L. Daft in his book “Management – 10th Edition,” describes the three skills and qualities that are important to managers when facing a number of responsibilities, as conceptual, human and technical (Daft, 2012).

Based on my reading and understanding, a conceptual skill is the ability to think creatively about, analyze and understand complicated ideas. With this skill, the manager will be able to see the organization as a whole and how each department/unit impacts the organization. This skill is extremely important for top managers and to a lesser extent, for middle managers because they are involved in the decision making process as well as resource allocation.

The second important skill – the human skill – is the ability to work well with other people both individually and in group. Managers have to deal directly with people, and they will need to be able to get the employees to be the very best that they can be. With this skill, therefore, they will be able to communicate well, motivate their staff, lead and inspire them, as well as being able to gain their trust and respect. The human skill requires that the manager must also exhibit respect to the employees, as well as be able to quickly resolve conflicts. Based on Exhibit 1.3 the front-line managers are those who need to have this skill first and foremost as they interface first-hand with the employees and act as the go-between between employees and senior management (Daft, 2012).

The third skill - technical skill - is required to accomplish a specific task. They are required at different levels, depending on the type of job being performed. Apart from having the ability to use machines and tools (non-managers) this skill enables the first line managers as well as non-managers to be able to have a handle on techniques and procedures. With this skill, managers (and non-managers) will be able to resolve the problems that are specific to that particular job (Daft, 2012: Exhibit 1.3)....
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