Importance or Accountability in the Us Army

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Accountability (noun) Being responsible or liable for someone or something at the state of event and or situation.

A leader takes charge and takes accountability for all those who fall under his or her leadership.

Personnel accountability is critical in the event of a disaster or national emergency. Ensuring strict accountability for our military members is relatively easy because they are required to provide supervisors with contact information when they depart on leave even on there off time they are required to be accounted for. Civilians are not required to provide contact information while in a non-duty status, and "The Privacy Act precludes us from making it a mandatory requirement. Provide emergency contact information to supervisors voluntarily." So, in the spirit of safety and wellness, and out of concern for each and every member of our great command.

One who takes responsibility for those who works under his or her authority needs to have accountability at all times.

When most people hear the word "accountability," they immediately become uncomfortable. The thought of making oneself totally open, honest, and vulnerable with another person doesn't sound appealing to most of us. It's easy for people to stay in their comfort zone and avoid confronting difficult issues and weaknesses in their lives. The key to creating a successful culture of change management is accountability. The entire organization needs to understand the need for being accountable. That will happen as subordinates start to see the benefits of having the process done correctly. There will be less unplanned outages and work. They will begin to move from the reactive mode of operation to being proactive. When this happens, the subordinates will start to police their own ranks and eliminate subversive behavior before it ever happens. Change management is often cited as the single most important factor for success even above the actual business solution. Because of the

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