Importance of a Small Class Size

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Wenyan Dong
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Causes and Effects of Reducing Class Size

Improving the quality of education becomes common trend today. People have made many ways to support education. Most of schools reduce the size of class that make more chances for students and teachers to communicate face to face. The reducing of class result from some courses and also makes some effects to teachers and students. The first significant cause is the attention from teachers is not equal to different grade students. Small class had origin in early years. Follow the increasing of population, small size class has become bigger. Recent research reveals that there were 50~60 students in one class, but just one or two teachers advise class. It means that one teacher just pay a little patient for each student in presentation, speech, question, and homework. Thus, many teachers pay more attention on students who have prefect grade and ignore students who have a low grade. It is not equal to low grade students because they pay same tuition and fee to school also study hard.. In addition, teachers who teach in a big class have to take a lot of work after class and exhaust them. They have to correct students’ homework for a long time. Also students ask many question after class if they do not understand, however, it exhaust teachers’ energy and patient and they don’t have enough time and disable to answer each question to each students. As a result, student could not get help immediately. Meanwhile, environment in class is important. Teachers could not control teaching environment in big class, because it is difficult to make students keep quiet and concentrate on blackboard whole time. Also students do not have enough personal environments, because it is crowd, usually two students have to share one big desk on big class, hence, there are no room for other things but book. Due to those causes, it would decrease the quality of education, at the...
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