Importance of Turning in Assignments on Time

Topics: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Turkish lira, High school Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Mucteba Gurcanli
Importance of Turning in Assignments on Time

Your annoying teacher gives you a big assignment that’s worth a big chunk of your grade, which isn’t due until three weeks later. Being lazy and all, you decide to leave it for later. You keep doing this without realizing it, and when the due date arrives, BOOM! Your grade went from an A to an F. You beg the teacher to give you a second chance, to not cut too many points off, but rules are rules. Now you have to explain to your father why you got a bad grade, and the result is your dad throws your Xbox out the window. The main reason why turning in your assignments on time is important is because that you’re perfect ‘A’ grade could just drop down to a horrible ‘C’ or worse. Come on, you’re in high school now, your final grade point average is what could make you get into a great college, but also get you rejected. If you don’t start taking on your responsibilities seriously from the first year of high school, everything will be left to finish in your last two years of high school. Trust me, leaving it the last two years is the worst thing you could ever possibly do. You’ll have no time for friends, games, vacations, not even for your family. What makes it even worse is that you’ll get into a poor college, even though you practically wasted your whole high school life for it. You either wait until the last minute, or just simply forget until the teacher announces that they’re going to collect it. When you wait until the last minute, you stay up all night, not getting any sleep, and get a much worse grade than what you could have gotten. When you just ‘forget’ because of natural laziness in teenagers, your teacher’s policy of ‘thirty points off for one day late, and zero for the next day’ comes into action. Believe me, thirty points off for an assignment that’s worth a whole bunch of your grade hurts, literally, especially if it’s a project or an essay. Not getting any credit is just frustrating...
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