Importance of Training in Catering Industry

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The title of the research is “A study on Training and Development of Work Force in Catering Industry in Wrexham Area”. Training is one of the most important elements in each and every organisation for the betterment of its employees. The aim of the research is to study the Training programmes conducted for the staffs or employees of an organisation to improve the company’s performance and productivity. The research aim is mainly to identify the importance of training requirements in catering industry and to identify the benefits of it. Research Question aims to find what all successful training and development programmes or schemes are adopted by the management in catering industry to motivate the employees of a company and also to improve the performance of the overall organisation with the help of total work force employed. The three important research questions will be: 1. What are the benefits obtained by a company after providing trainings to their staffs?

2. What costs are involved in training?

3. How will a company ensure that the training is successful?

Research Objective is to conduct an investigation through qualitative analysis by interviewing the managers and the staffs by distributing printed questionnaire containing open and closed end questionnaires. Also collecting details provided by the interviewed persons orally. A detailed investigation on the topic will help to give more ideas to the management to implement more training courses to develop the skills of the employees working in the company and also will be able to judge how effective productivity can be made with less cost and wastage. Also the research would be helpful to understand whether the employees are happy towards the current training programmes and how helpful is it for the employees or staffs. Limitations of the study: While conducting the research there may arise many limitations with respect to sampling and also due to the non – random sampling. The research which is to be conducted will have managers and employees who works in a catering industry.

Literature review
Human resource management plays an important role in an organisation providing various characteristics of employment in catering industry. The success of catering industry depends on its manpower. Training and development plays an important role in human resource management. Training is essential in every work environment and has become everyday aspect of human life. The government has taken certain initiatives to improve the catering industry’s standard. One of the important establishments in the field is the Hotel and Catering Board (HCTB). In most of the organisation, training is provided on: Computing studies

Supervisory skills
Food and Beverage management
House keeping
The reason to provide training is to avoid;
• The failure to attain the targets like gross or net profit on food or liquor.

• Dissatisfied customers.

• Slow service.

• High labour turn over and low morale.

• Unhealthy relationship between two departments.

Types of Training
There are two types of training;
1. On the job training: As most of the staffs working on catering industry will have direct contact with the customers, so new staffs are given training ‘on the job’ to experience dealing with customers.

2. Of the job training: This type of training takes place away from the actual work place. Real working environment will be crated to train the new staffs.

Training need and Analysis
The need for training should be considered from employer’s point of view and employees. There will be always a person assigned to provide training to staffs whenever required in consultation with the line managers. The line managers will identify, analyse the requirements of training or problems or opportunities and exploit training with assistance.

Benefits of training
The benefits of training to the...
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