Importance of Technical & Vocational Institution

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This research attempts to investigate the importance of technical & vocational institution. This research is also carried out to find out the various methods objective of research. What is the expectation to fulfil the requirement of being indusrtialized nation?. Well, having the existence of technical & vocational institution are mainly to produce hands on skills on students as well as to develop them to become a part of industrialized nation. In developing our country , technical & vocational school has come to existence to give students opportunity to choose skills that can be learned. This research is carried out to find out the advantages of having technical & vocational institution in Malaysia. Besides that, this research to investigate the effectiveness of having this kind of school in our country and ways to improve vocational & technical education system.

This research is carried out to provide awareness of the existence of technical and vocational institution as well as to introduce the importances of this institution. Nowadays, we are facing problem that this kind of institution is out of date and is lacking systematically and also having doubts whether it is meeting the current industrial needs in the country. Therefore, this research is carried out to introduce and emphasized on the importance of this institution. The background of this research is based on its development.The formal technical and vocational education system under the Ministry of Education starts at the upper secondary level, where there are 70 secondary vocational schools with an enrolment of 33,751 students and nine secondary technical schools having a total 5,339 students. The secondary vocational schools offer a course structure that covers the same core subjects as in other upper secondary academic schools. In addition to these core subjects, the vocational school students select a group of vocational subjects in accordance with the vocational course following. Vocational studies make up about 50 percent of the total course content in the secondary vocational school. Based in nature and technical subjects offered are less practical in nature. Technical studies make up only about 17 per cent of the total course content in the secondary technical school. At the post-secondary level there are six polytechnics with a student population of 15, 000 with about 12,000 students undergoing courses at the certificate level and 3,000 students at the diploma level. The objective of the polytechnics is to produce trained manpower at the semi-profesional level in various areas of engineering and commerce. At the certificate level about 80 percent of the students are following engineering courses. Female students make up about 25 percent of the total student population. Some examples of training government agencies are MARA- skills training institutes Ministry of Youth and Sport – Youth Training Centres and Ministry of Welfare Services- Training Centres.

Statement of problems:
1. It shows that lately technical & vocational institution is out of date.
2. Students mainly are not aware of the avantages of technical & vocational institution. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY
This researh method to meet the following objectives:
* To investigate the importances of technical & vocational institution. * To find out ways to improve tecnical & vocational education system.
The following research question is translated in order to meet the research objective. * Which is the importance of technical & vocational institution?. * What is the implication to students on the importance of having technical & vocational institution?.

The significance of the study is to help students and teacher to...

References: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 7 Ed, 2006
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