Importance of Technical Education .

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Education is important for every individual in a nation. It plays a vital role to change the stare of a country. No country could bring a revolution in it unless its everybody are educated enough to meet the challenges. Education makes a man realize about himself and his goals and how to achieve that goals.
Basically, Education is divided into three groups. The Education which teaches the concerns of a society is called Social Education. The Education which develops a personality inside a man himself is called Spiritual Education. The Education that concerns with the professionalism is called Vocational Education. The Technical Education comes under the branch of Vocational Education which deals practically in the field of trade, commerce, agriculture, medicine & Engineering.
We are living in the modern age of science where we found Technologies in every aspect of life. What makes life so brain friendly for us simply; these are the Technologies which we use for our ease and comforts. Not only in our daily life but also in the research centre, in defensive measured of a country, biological aspects etc. No nation could generate the progress unless it promotes technical aspects in its fields. The technical education produces technicians for all type of industries and it is true that the progress of a country much depend upon its Industrialization without which a handsome economy would not be possible.
Using a technology is far easier than to develop it. For developing a technology, it needed high skill teams which have a high data for the theme. It also needed a high amount of time and also money. To fulfill all these, there must be technical institutes which must cover all the faculties of technological studies and also the support of government to support financially & to contruct it at international level. If it would be at International level then it would be easier to students to grab data in their own state so that they

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