Importance of Surrogate Advertising in Creating Brand Identity for Liquor Industry(Final)

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The present research has been conducted in a bid to comprehensive and comparative study of the advertising strategy used in liquor industry which makes the need of surrogate advertising exemplary, as the only way of advertising for liquor industry and also to know the effectiveness of surrogate advertising in influencing customer perception towards the products offered by the company

In the present research, in order to collect primary data sample were selected conveniently. 60 Delhi based liquor consumers were selected for collecting primary data.

Alcohol advertising has the potential of promoting changes in attitudes and social values, including publicizing the desirability of social drinking to its viewers, which all encourage a higher consumption of alcohol. It is known that advertising can influence consumer choices, have a positive short-term impact on knowledge and awareness about alcohol, but it has proved difficult to measure the exact effects of advertising on the demand for alcoholic beverages, in part because the effects are likely to be cumulative and long-term. However, the recent literature suggests that advertising and increases the overall demand, and influence of consumers towards higher consumption and harmful drinking. The findings of the present research also greatly substantiate this fact as approached consumers in greater majority agree to great extent that advertising increases their overall demand and consumption of harmful drinking.

It is generally recognised that surrogate advertising is even more influencing than normal advertising, but the liquor industry has no choice. Of course, this strategy assumes that the brand and, in some cases, the advertisements, are already well known. Otherwise, such advertising may not serve any purpose. It is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of surrogate advertising. So far as the present research is concerned , it reveals that for many liquor consumers surrogate advertising is even more influencing than normal advertising, whereas for many others surrogate advertising is less or non influencing than normal advertising.

Aims of the study3
Objective of the study4
literature review5-40
research methodology41-49
Conclusion and RECOMMENDATIONS61-66
Appendix 68-69


Background Information

For some “advertising” is a surrogate for being on stage—in the limelight. When people work on a brand, they identify with the brand, and its “advertising” becomes part of them. Therefore when ads and other promotional brand messages appear on TV, radio, in magazine and billboards, a part of them is there too—on stage. Another reason is the challenge. The majority of “advertising” messages are not very good and some are down right insulting, as I’m sure you have noticed. Thus, the opportunity to do something that works and that you can be proud off, is always sitting out there. Finally, for me, “advertising” is a way of being in sales without all the constant face-to-face rejection. When we are part of any kind of halfway decent promotional effort, we will sell something. It may not always pay out, but at least we changed some people’s behavior.

What this means when it comes to studying “advertising” is that the learning experience can be interesting, informative, and really fun. When most people think about advertising, they think about the creative side--the clever slogans and attention getting pictures and illustrations. For these clever slogans and graphics to be effective, however, requires a lot of research, strategic thinking, and a good understanding of customer behavior. It also requires knowing and being able to apply basic industry practices. Surrogate advertising is the most insidious form of advertising,...

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