Importance of Studying the Media

Topics: Media, Communication, Mass media Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: September 28, 2006
Studying media is important for several reasons, especially today when we have the ability to look back and see how far ideas and technologies have come and where they are headed. As Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi suggests in her article, "Forms of Media as Ways of Knowing", examining history and how media are utilized and changing in the past and in the present can help us see how far we have come. It allows us to appreciate the forms of media we have today and how it is being shaped and controlled as time goes on. And finally, it can provide us with the insight we need to further build upon our knowledge and technology to bring us into the future. As Sreberny took us though the advances in media throughout history, we were able to see that each person built upon some form of media which was already available. Each new medium which was brought to our attention required some sort of advancement socially, such as when Sreberny said, "Print requires writers and readers. Electronic Media demand organized production and audiences (Sreberny 24)." Each time the people with power found a new way to bring information and forms of communication to the masses, it demanded some sort of response from society. History also shows us how power has been shifted among certain individuals throughout the journey. At first, the power rested in the hands of the political figures and royals who decided who could use which mediums. For example, in Sreberny's paper when she describes the advent of papyrus and how it literally means "The king's (pharaoh's) thing", meaning that whoever was in power decided who could use papyrus as a form of communication (Sreberny 24). When this medium was brought to the people, readers and writers were born which in turn gave educated society slightly more power. The printing press brought more power to both the common people and the powerful people in charge. Books, magazines and newspapers were now available to the masses and this made it so more...
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