Importance of Studying Management

Topics: Management, Organization, Communication Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: November 21, 2008
“Why should I study management? Experience is the best teacher”. Does this mean that understanding and developing management skills is a waste of time? Discuss these statements using relevant examples.

Management in business is the act of getting people together to realize desired goals. It encompasses planning, organizing, recruiting and directing a group of one or more people or entities in an organization with the purpose of accomplishing a goal. It also involves the deployment and manipulation of human, financial, technological, and natural resources.

Coaching - Employees can't learn if their manager does their work. You have to let people make mistakes if they are to learn. You can't just let them flounder on their own. Employee Coaching: When To Step In helps you decide when to step in and when to hang back and let them learn.


Manage Conflict and Workplace Violence- Disagreements will occur in the workplace. Disagree Without Being Disagreeable helps you win more of them and succeed faster Mentoring
Skills – Specific abilities that result from knowledge, information and practice. Technical Skills- involve a certain method or process.
Interpersonal and communication skills – peole skills, avoid employee turnover, crearte tem spirit, manage flow of negative information in organizations. Must develop their abilities to lead, motivate and communicate effectively with employees. Conceptual and decision making skills- ability to recognize complex and dynamic issues, to examine the numerous conflicting factors that influence these problems, and resolve such situations for the benefit of the organization Things that threaten organizational survival - complex issues….
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