Importance of Strategic Planning

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The Importance of Strategic Planning
In the non-profit world

Managing Organizational Change
Professor Kevin Hume
August 25, 2012

UNDERSTANDING STRATEGIC PLANS……………………….………………………………………8 CONCLUSION…………………………………………………………………….……………………….9 WORKS CITED10

In business it is important to understand that in order to be successful you must first make a plan. There is a very common motto which is tossed around the business world which conveys success in those specific terms; plan the work and work the plan. This is stating that to be successful you must first plan out what exactly you want to accomplish, and then in order to accomplish it you must follow the plan you created. Plans must be carefully constructed and thoroughly thought through. Being specific is also extremely important, especially when it comes to the timeframe in which you want things to be completed by (Rowley, 1997). Timelines for a project must be extremely specific, yet flexible at the same time. Strategic planning is the actual process of creating the plan, attributing the resources and committing to a specific goal (Cook, 1996).

In the non-profit world, it is absolutely imperative to have a very detailed and specific plan in place in order to be successful. The reasoning behind this is the fact that non-profit organizations have very little expendable funding available to implement changes, and when funding is sought, foundations want a detailed plan of how the organization is going to implement the change. As a grant-writer, it has become clear that a strategic plan is absolutely necessary for the successful capture of project funding. Luckily, Addictions Recovery Center has a carefully selected board which is passionate about substance abuse recovery, and they have put in the effort and time necessary for a successful strategic plan.

When being a key stakeholder in the creation of a strategic plan, it is essential that you understand how they are created, what is necessary, and what is gained from creating one. It is the purpose of this paper to inform someone as to what the proper procedures are. We will cover the process of strategic planning in its entirety and what the affect a strategic plan has on an organization. Non-profits are extremely affected by strategic planning, and it is a good indicator as to whether an organization will sink or swim. PRE-PLANNING PROCESS:

When creating a strategic plan, you must have a panel of people to consult with in order to develop the plan. In many non-profits, this would be the responsibility of the board of directors, which will be used synonymously with the term stakeholders. A stakeholder tends to be someone who has a responsibility for the company, and will always strive for the betterment of that company (Sawyer, 2007). Addictions Recovery Center has a rigorous application process in place for all board members; they are required to complete an application, sit in on an interview, pass through a background check/fingerprinting, and ultimately stand before the current board members and have membership voted on. It is important to also have a very diverse board membership, to allow for the creative flow of information from a variety of different backgrounds. It is important in the selection process to ensure that new stakeholders be extremely committed to the organization in order to meet all goals planned by the board. THE PLANNING PROCESS:

When beginning the strategic planning process, it is imperative that the board create a mission statement which defines what exactly organization is hoping to accomplish in their endeavors. This is the first step in a three step process; it is followed by creating a vision statement and then ultimately objectives (Sawyer, 2007). A mission statement must be very clear and concise, sometimes even being limited to a specific number of words (Morrisey,...

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