Importance of Sports

Topics: Play, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: February 24, 2013
porSports are meant to be played with teamwork, it’s supposed to be fun and exciting and most importantly, everyone can play. Video plays
But these men and women are not just playing sports. They are waging a private war, fighting for supremacy, territory and race! This is not a simple basketball game anymore….It’s a battlefield, Individual fighting for their race and their beliefs. Racism and hate crime has been a long problem in our nation. This type of waging can ultimately lead to death against another ones race.

With a race of hands, how many of you think that waging to play basketball by race is bad idea? Yes, exactly because ultimately this leads to a violent murder because an opposite race will seek revenge. Derrick the main actor is sentenced 3 years in prison for shooting and killing two black males that were trying to steal from his property. Note that both of the males that were shot and killed by Derrick were seeking revenge after the loss from the basketball game. Let’s take a look how Derrick spends his time in prison….

Prison is very diverse and individuals that are in prison can only be in a group with their same color or race. Derrick would find himself with the same type of group that he was in outside of prison. He chooses not to associate himself with any other group until he sees and realize the politics that occurs in prison that sparks the change in Derrick.
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