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Importance of Sleep

By survivor754 Dec 10, 2013 718 Words
The Importance of Sleep:

Why You Need Sleep & Its Importance

One of the best things that life has to offer is the option to sit or lie down and engage in the multiple levels of sleep. Sleep is something that every human needs so that their body can function properly. There are different levels of sleep as well as benefits that come from sleep. though some may suffer from sleep there are certain things that can help prevent this

Why You Need Sleep & Its Importance
What Is Sleep?
Sleep has been considered a time where the body rests and recovers from the daily troubles that it goes through. Sleep has been associated with the health of someones life. when you are sleep you are letting your body grow in so many ways. Your body begins to grow everything from head to toe including the hair on your head and toenails on your toes. Our bodies are actually on a rhythm when we go to sleep/. some of us go to sleep late and then wake up late or go to sleep early and wake up early. These different rythms of sleep can effect our growing rate Sleep Deprivation:

Another thing that can affect our growing rate is when we deprive ourselves of sleep. this is called sleep deprivation. The average amount of hours that a human should get daily should be 7 to 8 hours. When someone gets less than these hours they can be classified as having a sleeping disorder. When most people have this sleeping disorder they are more than likely to take some type of medication to help them sleep. these medications are very addictive and can lead to an eventual overdose if taken too many time. The different thing that makes you sleep:

There are multiple things that makes you sleep such as body fatigue, medications and your biological clock. Your biological clock is very important to your sleeping pattern. Every morning your body resets its clock and adjusts to what you have been doing throughout your days and weeks. However your bedtimes and times that you wake up may differ from time to time but you always get the amount of sleep that you need in order for you do to what you have normally been doing. Different Types of sleep:

There are different types of sleep that our body can participate through. One known as NERM which means Non-Rapid Eye Movement. In this form you go from a light sleep, to your brain activity slowing down and then your blood pressure drops this is categorized as a deep sleep. there is also REM, this is known as Rapid Eye Movement. This usualy happens 70-90 mins after you fall asleep, your eyes are noticeably moving at a very fast rate this shows that you are in a very interesting dream that has a lot going on at the moment. Sleep Disorders:

There have been millions of records that show americans suffering from sleeping disorders. There are multiple of disorders. One of the leading disorders are dysomnia. Dysomnia is where the patients sleep is disturbed by the timing quality or quantity of sleep. there is another one called insomnia. Insomnia is when the patient has a difficulty falling and or staying asleep. One more that I was shocked about hearing is was the restless leg syndrome, also know to the doctors a RLS. RLS is a sleep disorder that has sensations of the legs that usually don’t happen when you are awake.

Though sleep can be something very cherished it should never be played with. If you can see that you are having any difficukties in sleeping you should check with your family doctor as soon as possible. You can get a lot from sleeping. The way I see it only positive things come from sleeping so why would you rid yourself of the positive things in life?

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