Importance of Selling to Company

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Marketing Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: September 23, 2010

The relationship that exists between CARI-MED Ltd. Sales and marketing department is close in that they are both under the control of the same individual Lanna Bennett. The two department are very different, but all with the same goal. Marketing plays a very important role in sales as an improvement in the selling environment. The goal of the marketing department is to create opportunities for interaction between prospect and the sales team. In gaining prospects promotional activities are undertaken by CARI-MED this includes advertising, sales promotion and offering new products. The marketing team is therefore responsible for bringing the customers ‘through the door’ to allow sales people to entice them to buy the products or products that CARI-MED has to offer. The primary responsibility of the sales is to supply to the customers the products desired by them at the right quality and price at the right place and time. The sales and marketing department of CARI-MED Ltd. maintains a good relationship with all departments that it comes in contact with. This includes all other marketing related departments as well as other functions like the Human Resource department, Finance, MIS/Logistics and so on. CARI-MED mission statement is to be a dynamic provider of quality healthcare and consumer products to meet the needs of consumers. Encourage the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards among their staff to ensure that their commitment to their motto - “Service is our Goal” is realized. Maintain a family culture that provides a working environment conducive to teamwork, as well as the professional, personal and spiritual development of members of staff. Conduct the business of the organization to sustain profitability and responsible commercial success, while contributing to the development of the society in which they operate. The Company is led by a Board of Directors, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Glen...
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