Importance of Self Defence for Women

Topics: Abuse, Harassment, Girl Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: June 22, 2013

In today's world women are independent and goes out for work. In the same time they also face the problems of stalking, molesting, harrasment etc. To deal with such problem it is necessary that women should be trained in self defence. The girls should know how to fight, handle themselves without any dependent on others. 'She' should know her strength and learn to fight against 'he'. In today's world many girls and women face harassment, molesting and stalking problems. WHY? Just because boys think girls don't have any strength to fight and they start harassing her. But if we all stand up and raise our voice and protest ourselves, this would ultimately change the world into a BETTER WORLD. If one person faces some problem, more girls should gather around to show up your strength. There should be a self defence training in every school in the country to protect themselves. The primary level students can start their training in order to protect themselves. When these children grow up, their confident level would be high and would be a better fighter then men. Men is considered to be more stronger than women. But don't think that women can't fight. Sometimes women have got stronger ability than men. I remember that case study, there used to be a brother and a sister. One day some boys came at their house and start fighting with the brother but he could not fight back , he was badly beaten up as when his sister saw, she suddenly fight back with them in order to protect her brother. The girl had been trained in karate. She was a black belt holder. She could fight back and the boys ran away. From that day none of the boys came and soon apologised for what they have done. This is what the girls should have. Many girls are shy and uncomfortable but this should no longer be there. Girls should know how to fight back if someone tries to do something with her. LEARN TO FIGHT BACK GIRLS!!
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