Importance of Religion in Dier El-Medina.

Topics: God, Religion, Deity Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: July 21, 2011
Outline the role and importance of religion for the workers in Deir el-Medina. 1000 words minimum.

Within the society, Dier el-Medina, religion played a vital role for the workers. In many aspects religion was their ‘boss’ as they respected their religion immensely and many of their moral and social rules were obtained for religion. Religion also played a critical role on how women acted and were treated by the workers and their families. Religion has also created Dier el-Medina culturally, as it combined numerous spiritual and physical aspects of this society based around religion to create this eccentric sophisticated society.

The workers within Dier el-Medina were very sophisticated men, as they were often referred to as ‘artisans’ rather than workers. These men worked hard, long days in the Valley of the Kings constructing tombs for the greatest known Pharaohs. Although they were somewhat governed by superior artisans known as ‘foreman’, the workers followed the moral rules of religion. That is they were, ‘servants in the place of truth’, in which enabled them to work without stealing, conspiring against others, causing issues and the like as it was seen to be a sin if they committed those crimes. There were various beliefs in Deir el-Medina on how tombs should be made and decorated, there were two types of tombs, a free standing tomb and a cut out rock tombs. The difference between the two is obvious, as the free standing tomb is positioned outside freely with only a small section underground for the burial chamber where as cut out rock tombs were created within mountain sides and therefore the tombs were made inside mountains. In the Dier el-Medina society it didn’t matter which of these two ways the artisans built the tombs, as they were both considered sacred and ‘the will of the gods’. Within both types of tomb there was a special room created for the workers to ‘purify’ themselves to the pharaoh or now god, as after a pharaoh or king died they...
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