Importance of Priorities Balance and Time Management

Topics: Management, Scarcity, Leadership Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Importance of Priorities Balance and Time Management
What is important more to one person then the other? What is a personal want of any individual to achieve a particular outcome? Does motivation and personal will spirit affect our outcomes? These are questions that puzzle many and lead on the way to goals and organization. Thus by prioritizing one aims; and by administering activities of daily life one moves along in the prioritized aims. Why bother? A simple saying describes a motivation o many that do, it is that is one doesn’t know where one’s going, chances are one will be someplace else. Often this place is not of a liking or a real aim of the individual, sometimes is or even perhaps better; yet many do not wish to risk thus prioritize and administer to move along to aims. Priorities are goals; goals are a struggle to satisfy wants and necessities. Due to our wants and necessities priorities become a foundation for a proper traditional organization of an individual to choose what’s important and to aim at such goals. To organize oneself at a balanced out wants and necessities would mean to look at all the wants and necessities and make some major decisions. A proper priorities balance will eventually lead to a foundation of administration far the priciest resource any living being has in possession. Economics teach that every resource is scarce; thus any resource should be used as efficiently as possible. Certainly the only resource that can’t be artificially made or even found on another planet is time. One resource that absolutely can’t be acquired with time is the time itself. I would even state that it is the most scarce resource any individual has in a life time. That is often taken for granted and economization of the process doesn’t take place; meaning to use the most efficient. Therefore balanced priorities are a solid foundation for time management. Time management is commonly defined as the varied means by which people efficiently use their...
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