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Importance of Poetry

By NoraCaro17 May 06, 2013 1015 Words
Importance of Poetry

As human beings, we all have feelings to express and a romantic side, that sometimes we don’t show because of our shyness, our lack of expression, and several other factors. We all like to, at least once in a while, to hear or read a piece of poetry, it makes us get identifies with romantic poets and admire their inspiration to create verses and transmit them to the people. Some people believe that poetry shouldn’t be as relevant as it is, they may think is a fool way of presenting feelings or situations. As a society, we sometimes mistreat poets, acting like if we didn’t care about their work. But we have to confess, that deep in us, there’s a need for even a little poetry dose, one that belongs to us. People can think whatever they want to, but that can sometimes be sensitized or even changed, and that’s the magic of poetry… We have to be clear with the fact that poetry is based on the inspiration of an author that takes as a fount the creation of anything, as simple as nature, a woman, water, death, the sea or anything else can be. Poetry wakes up our feelings of love, loneliness, sadness, and even fear. This is why poetry is important to the human being. For its creation, different faculties are needed, such as: intuition, intellect, feelings, experience, sensibility, sense of humor, culture, and many others. It could be similar to writing a song, they both make use of all these faculties. Poetry is an important literary genre since we express ourselves our deepest feelings and it makes us more sensitive towards others. Poetry is like a therapy and a way to say things. It is the art of imagination and expression of feelings and ideas. It is important for people to find a way to canalize their feelings, and then be able to make a purpose, a legacy, a message, or just a dialogue. Poetry is as antique as the man, this means that poets have always existed. Is the simplest way he has to express himself. Since the prehistoric times, the human being felt the need to express his feelings, an he did it with his rock paintings, while trying to explain whatever he felt and thought. A pencil being hold by a man, can give him the necessity to write about something he didn’t feel comfortable saying out loud, and it can even have a huge impact and influence in other people’s life. Poetry is like chemistry, we were born with it, but we need to discover it in order to develop it. There’s always a need to express ourselves, and the most common way to do it is through words. It is true that there are several artistic ways to do it such as painting, sculpting, playing an instrument… But literature is the one that can go to the most deepest part of us: words. To talk and to write are things that characterize us as human beings. We create novels, essays, and poetry. In the novel or a simple story, something always has to be told, and in order to do it, it is necessary to stick to the meanings and facts. On the contrary, with poetry we’re able to make a twist on words depending on the other ones we’re using in a verse. It sticks to what the heart wants to say, and it doesn’t have to follow a pattern. It can be free, and it is more about feeling than understanding. To write, it doesn’t matter if it’s in prose or in verse, is to draw feelings with words, give words wings and make them fly to any border, where intellect only interferes is necessary. That’s why its transmission is so special. It allows us to travel to different worlds, either fictitious or real ones, but all in all places created by someone, who can makes us participate in it. When a person writes poetry, he/she can feel a sense of liberty and relief. It releases the mind of its own demons. It’s the more logical way to scream in silence our difficulties, deceptions, necessities, betrayals, and everything with it. Is that experience that touches us for life. When expressing it, it comes out as something so rich and pure, so noble and sensible, that rises from our deepest feelings. The language used in poetry can be metamorphosed inside it, it’s a street language, with life experiences and anecdotes. Summing up, the poetic language brings vitality and multiples the functions of it. To write or read a poem is like to be face to face with the most human part, the most sensible one of the writer. Is to be more aware of the emotions rather than the intelligence, more heart and less brain, more blood and less gray matter. Is it to open the soul and have no expectations, since what can come out is unexpected, could be kisses or bullets. A poem is a serious thing, even the comic ones. It is someone’s projection in front of everyone else. The capacity of synthesis is completely fundamental; the search for the exact word. There are poems that express so much with so few lines. Poems are excellent when they say s much, in a couple of words. In conclusion, poetry has taught us how to honest with our own thoughts and feelings. We can convince others of things we don’t even believe in, but we can’t lie to ourselves. By creating poetry, the author opens a door, which may show him things he has never seen before. It can be a good way to find who we truly are, and what’s a better way to do it than by poetry? Not all of us know it, but we’re all capable of creating poetry. We only need a pen and a piece of paper, but most important, an open soul. We just have to be up for the inspiration to come and express what we truly feel. No difficulties.

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