Importance of Physical Education

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Give the importance of Physical Education.
• It’s a link to good health.
The value of physical fitness can never be overstated. It’s only in physical educational classrooms that students learn the value of taking care of themselves thru proper grooming, healthy eating and regular exercise. • It’s a preventive measure against disease.

Many doctors today agree that obesity is a serious health risk. Without any form of diet management and control with the numerous processed food students intake everyday compounded by a sedentary lifestyle, a student’s health can easily be at risk to many diseases like chronic heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Physical education in school is a preventive measure to teach students the value of regular exercise. • It’s a program for muscle strength and fitness.

Physical education develops the students’ motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also develops the upper body muscles through activities like doing push ups as well the lower body muscles through stationary jumping jacks, 3min running and jumping exercises. Programs usually have core training exercises also like doing abdominal crunches.

• It promotes academic learning.
Physical health allows students to function even better in classrooms. A good cardiovascular system developed from regular exercise promotes excellent blood and oxygen circulation. This means more nutrients circulate through out the body which includes the brain. This circulation produces longer attention span during classes allowing longer concentration and absorption.

• It builds self esteem.
Students who are active in physical activities like basketball, volleyball, martial arts and running just to name a few are more confident with themselves according to most social school studies. It’s probably because of the self discipline and dedication to excel in a sport that brings out the best in students. In school, the physical education program introduces these sport activities to students allowing them to make choices to which sport areas they want to get involved in. • It develops cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship skill. Most physical education programs are holistic. The program allows student to interact together to a common goal and that is to win and excel physically. It brings out the competitive sides of students working both body and mind but also promotes sportsmanship.

• It promotes a physically active lifestyle.
The purpose of physical education is to instill in students, at an early age, the value of self preservation and choosing a lifestyle that is good for both the mind and body.

2. Define Physical Education.
• Physical Education or gymnastics is an educational course taken during primary and secondary education that encourages psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting to promote health.

3. Objectives of Physical Education.
• To develop the organic systems of the body.
It is recognized that our feelings, emotions, thoughts and achievements are influenced to a considerable extent by the physiological process of the body. The development of the organic vigor is dependent on a wide selection of activities and so conducted that the normal functions of the body are developed and improved. • To develop euro-muscular co-ordination or skill

A good deal of physical activities helps the individuals and groups to develop certain skill, which gives satisfaction and happiness in a variety of ways during leisure times. Being physically illiterate many people do not know how to enjoy their leisure and become unhappy and maladjusted. Individual and group play activities enable people to give wholesome expression to their innate desires and interests, • To develop right attitude...
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