Importance of Organizing

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Title : Important of Organizing

In management, organizing is very important to a manager. It is because managers are responsible for arranging work to accomplish the organization project. Organizing is defined as the process of create an organization structure. This function includes determine what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, or how the tasks are to be made.

Why organizing is important to managers when they manage an organization project? It is because organizing cans specialization to an organization. It means that it can help organization to create specialization in their works. This can look a manager skill when they organize in an organization. Managers must specialize to doing something to look like expert. It is because they need to be organizing properly in their works and the jabs must be divided. For example, if every organization is specialization in their department, it will look more professional and expert or it can earn more different benefit.

Organizing is important to well defined job. Everyone must clear with what they need to do and job description. It is because it can avoid conflict and do the project effectively. It will make their understanding what are responsibilities and take what action to do it. For example, an organization must putting right person on job with correct tools and equipment to make organization run smoothly. Every employee should to their job that are given when their run a project.

Besides that, organizing is important to make clanfies authority. It means that every employee must know who should they want to listen or who is above and below in department. It is because it can make their position clearly and avoid conflict. Then, everyone should principle of one boss at a time. If not, they will undermine authority. For example, manager and superior. The manager is more power than superior. So, superior cannot over authority than manager. If not, the positions will same with manager. Then,...
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