Importance of Nature in a Childs Life

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The Importance of Nature in a Child’s Life
Nature is made by nature, not by man. Nature can be used for many different things. It can be used for a natural playground, a learning experience, a science experience, a meditation place. The list is endless on what nature can be used for. The best part about it is that there is no list that states what it can and can’t be. It is all in your imagination. This is important for children to learn and grow with. Without nature, there would be no land to live on, no land to play on, and no land to discover and explore. It creates an open-minded adventure for any child. This paper will explain the importance of nature in a child’s life.

Nature fosters the imagination. There is no structured play or premade envisions on what things should or shouldn’t look like. How the child thinks and sees things is how things will appear to a child. For thousands of years, children have used outside as their main source of play. Humans have evolved with nature. Nature fosters the imagination because there is no limits to what a child can perceive things as. A child can be a pirate, a princess, or whatever he or she may want to be. Unlike coloring books, there is no outlined picture. Nature is not “it is what it is”, nature is “it is what you think and see.” Because there are no guided instructions, it gives the child an ability to guide their own play. This is important for leadership and imagination. It helps the child live their wildest dreams and think up anything they wish. This is a crucial part to developing imagination.

Technology is a big issue when it comes to shaping a child’s mind. There are almost always pictures of what things look like or what they “should” look like. This gives a child a picture in their head of what the image should look like. This blocks the imagination because the child is not free to what they should think about the picture and it does not give them a chance to create the picture in their head on...

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