Importance of Natural Environment

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Natural outdoor environment is an inspirational, special place that offers children regular opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland environment

It’s the perfect place to inspire children actions and thinking also supports their happiness and health. Gives them the opportunity to master their locomotion skills, such skipping, running, climbing, jumping and landing, swinging, rolling and sliding, bouncing and balancing. Provides them with the opportunity to flourish and grow.

Language skills develop in a way perhaps might not happen in more conventional settings where children are occupied by structured games and activities without any need for interaction

Enables children to play/explore together, allowing them to develop their self-control and social skills. Pushing emotional and physical boundaries, giving them a great sense of achievement and capability, helps them to join in with others and develop their resilience

They can move, explore, think and understand through moving and using their whole bodies, also the outdoors is full of interest, with the space and opportunity they need so much and provide them with the first hand experience that children need to construct knowledge and understanding. Stimulates their curiosity and sense of discovery about the world, and how their bodies behave in different environments. Help children’s to learn

Risk taking is widely understood to be to a child’s development. Looking at risk from a child’s point of view, risk and risk taking is better understood has a challenge. Providing realistic challenges for children and allowing them to work through the challenges they set themselves supports their development, actively engages them and helps them better understand themselves and each other

Natural outdoor environments provide children with opportunity to hunt for small...

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