Importance of media

Topics: Discovery Communications, Television, Mass media Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: June 17, 2015
Importance of Media
Media came into existence in 1780 with the introduction of a newspaper namely ‘The Bengal Gazette’ and since then it has matured leaps and bounds. It has been playing a very important role in shaping human minds. Newspaper, Magazine, journals etc are examples of print media while Television, radio, internet are examples of electronic media. An average man spends about four hours a day watching T.V. and reading newspaper. Media has always played an important role in a society. Its importance has increased manifold in today’s world. It plays the important role to inform, to enlighten, to entertain and to educate. People entertain and relax themselves by reading books, magazines and newspaper. Many entertaining and humorous programmes like the cartoon network are available on television. We learn a lot of interesting things while watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet on television. The latest development in sports, business, politics and education are available to us through media. Media can influence public opinion due to its mass reach to people. Through this strength media can help build up a nation. Through media, people can get the current information round the clock and keep themselves updated. Media has helped people come together and has made the world a global village. People get information about each other sitting at home with the help of media. The general health of a society is reflected through media. It is the backbone of a democracy. It is like a mirror, which shows us the bare truth and harsh realities of life. Without media we will be like a frog in a well.
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