Importance of Marketing System

Topics: Marketing, Economics, Stability Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: September 20, 2011
The marketing system is very important than the producing of any of goods and services.The points of view of producer, middlemen and consumers are different, but each is interested with his profit. From the producer point of view it is important to know whether the prices prevailing in the market enable him to continue to produce or not, and what he should produce and where and at what time he should sell it. A consumer looks at marketing from the point of view of commodity and the prices at which they are offered. Middlemen try to increase his profit by discharging various marketing functions. Marketing has greater importance and significance for the society as a whole than for any of the individual beneficiaries involved in marketing system. 1. Marketing system brings new varieties, quality and beneficial goods to consumers. It provides link between production and consumption. 2. Marketing brings to the peasants useful implements, tools and fertilizers etc. and the benefits of the use of machines and free after sales service, and make them model farmers. 3. An efficient marketing system results in lower costs of distribution and lower prices to consumers, really brings about an increase in the National Income. 4. A lower cost of marketing is a direct benefit to society. 5. Marketing system helps in stabilizing the price level. If producer produce what consumers demand and consumers have a wide choice of products there are no fluctuation in price. 6. Marketing system transform latent resources into actual resources, of desires into accomplishments and development of responsible economic leaders and informed economic citizens. 7. Around one third of all persons gainfully employed in the country are engaged in the field of marketing and about one forth of National Income is earned by marketing profession. 8. Marketing system also remedies the imbalance in the supply of making available the surpluses to the deficit areas. If the marketing activities are not...
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