Importance of Management

Topics: Decision making, Management, Cognition Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Factors Affecting Decision Making|

| | Whenever we are involved in making decisions a number of factors can affect the process we follow and ultimately the decision we make.We can organise the factors affecting decision making into three major groups: * Perception Issues * Organisational Issues * Environmental Issues| | | |

Perception Issues:| | Perception can be described as the way in which individuals interpret their environment. An individual's perception can influence how they make decisions and solve problems. For example, when information about a problem needs to be gathered the individual's perception will impact on where the information is sought and the type of information regarded as relevant.Perception can be influenced by the following: * The perceiver * The object * The situationThe PerceiverThe perceiver, the individual perceiving the object, will be heavily influenced by their personal characteristics. The types of personal characteristics that can affect an individual's perception include: * Background and experience * Personal values * Personal expectations * Personal interestsThe ObjectThe object, which refers to any person, item or event can have an impact on the way it is perceived. For example, when a manager receives a number of reports to read he may be more inclined to read the one with the most colourful cover as this one stands out.The relation an object has to other objects can also affect the perception of the perceiver. For example, an individual team member may be judged on the actions of the whole team even when it is more appropriate for them to be judged on their own merits.The SituationTime, location and other situational factors can influence our perception of an object. For example, a Team Leader may notice team members who work late on the same evenings as the Team Leader. However, team members who work late on other evenings may not be noticed by the Team Leader.|...
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