Importance of Internet

Topics: Internet, History of the Internet, Internet access Pages: 5 (1455 words) Published: January 11, 2013
by Saiful Baharin Roslan

Nowadays, a majority of Malaysian students are well exposed in internet usage consequently putting them in a bright side about the benefits and contribution of internet if it is use wisely.

Internet usage is important as internet are the biggest source of all aspect.Internet covers the world happenings everyday.Internet includes a variety of current issues and developments about the world.One of the benefits is internet gives lots of information to us.Students could even use the internet as a replacement of textbooks and reference books as it contains an endless source of knowledge.Students can also check the latest scientific knowledge and research.Scientist nowadays have been experimenting and discovering a lot of intriguing and new things.This type of stream is very suitable for students who are interested to further their studies in science stream.

Furthermore,internet facilitate students to enter universities.This is because students can register through some of the website according to the university of their choice.Besides,internet also contain various type of social sites.We can get new friends and even meet our old friends through these social sites.Moreover,by interacting and chatting with pen pals from overseas, we can strengthen the relations between foreign countries thus enlighten us to a better community.

Last but not least,internet help us to keep abreast on latest issues and developments.Students and teenagers can understand the causes and solutions based on the headlines given. this will make them aware of the danger that lurk that can cause a lot of bad effects to the environment and surroundings.

In a nutshell, internet is very beneficial to students who use it wisely and effectively.In comparison, internet is more effective compared to books and the other types of reading materials because internet contain a lot of information which all source are included.Therefore,it will give a lot of useful knowledge to students. Posted by saiful baharin at 10:34 AM 

The Internet has opened up a world of exciting new educational possibilities in the classroom.It has vast potential as a teaching tool in the classroom, however, its full capacity is rarely utilized due to a number of reasons. The Internet expands classroom resources, it brings information, data, images, and  computer software into the classroom from other places.       With Internet we can make contact with people over the world possible, adding into the classroom experts of each  area, new and old friends, and colleagues in education.    

   A motivator for students can be the use of networks  and their use encourages the kind of independence and autonomy that many teachersagree is important for students to achieve in their learning process. Because class, race, ability, and disability are removed as elements in communication while using the Internet, it is a natural tool for addressing the needs of all students; exactly how this is done will vary from district to district as schools empower individual educators and students.     School reform, which is much on the minds of many educators today, can be supported by the use of the Internet as one of many educational tools. The interent has more information, and makes it more readily available than any other source you have access to.  It can act as a glorified library, where you can get to just about any topic in seconds - instead of hours - and can get access to a large swath of human knowledge.

The internet is also a new form of communication, which allows for scientific collaboration to occur quickly and over long distances, which was not possible until very recently. Advantages of Internet in Education

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Internet has become one of the basic needs for mostly peoples; we can’t...
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