Importance of Information Technology in Education

Topics: Computer, Vacuum tube, Education Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Importance of information technology in education The information technology has been used as a medium of education since ancient times. As information is the base of education. In short information means “knowledge” and technology means practical implementation of science. Education is just the knowledge transferred from teacher to pupil using the science available during that period of time In ancient times basic science and mathematics were taught using abacus and pebbles which formed the basis of technology at that time. Other specific based education was provided by experts in those fields. These trends continued in the middle ages where apprenticeship became the technology for educating people in traditional jobs as well as in scholarly studies, where a pupil studied under tutelage of monks who were scholars of that era. But the fact is this system was prevalent in India even before the middle ages it was practiced in form “Gurukul”, where stress was given on “Guru” and “Shishya” relationship. The modern era of information technology dawned with the invention of computers in the year 1946 and was known as first generation computers which used vacuum tubes. Some of the computers of this generation were ENIAC, EDSAC, EDVAC, LEO, UNIVAC-1, IBM-701 and IBM-650. The second generation of computers began in the year 1960 and it used transistors which were better than vacuum tubes and generated less heat compared to vacuum tubes used in first generation of computers. Some of the computers of this generation were UNIVAC-2, ICT-1300, IBM-1400, IBM- 1620, CDC-1604 and Philico-2000.However the use of information technology could be used in education only after introduction of third generation of computers. The third generation of computers began in the year 1966 after invention of integrated circuit by Jack Kilby at Texas (1958).The computers of this generation are IBM-370, DELL and APPLE. They were compact and were simplified enough...
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