Importance of Independence in Robert Cormier's Chocolate War and the Film, Dead Poet's Society

Topics: Dead Poets Society, Carpe diem, Decision making Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: January 23, 2014

Importance of “Independence” in The Chocolate War and Dead Poet Society

People in life have their own opinion on how they make their decision. It is very rare to have a lot of people having the same opinion as others. An independent person would have the freedom of control or influence him/her or the others. People in life need a breakthrough and make their right decision that could affect the rest of their life. Jerry in The Chocolate War and Neil Perry in Dead Poet Society went through tough decisions to make their own choices to be independence. Characters in both The Chocolate War and Dead Poet Society show the important of the theme independence through their actions and how it affects both of the books.

Jerry illustrated how he becomes independent by making decisions that he thinks are the best for him and the rest of his life in Trinity. Jerry breakthrough and decided not to follow Brother Leon by refusing to sell the chocolates. Jerry does not want to do what he does not want. Normally, Jerry likes to keep things quiet and he is not a confrontational student. However, he is able to stand up and gives out his opinion of what he thinks. “It’s a free country” (Cormier 195). Jerry believed that he is living in a free country, which everyone can have their own rights of doing activities they want. Jerry replied to Brother Leon because Jerry cannot stands how Brother Leon is making everyone listen to him so Jerry decides to take a stand for the other students to follow. Even though Jerry has huge impacts on the theme Independence, Neil Perry from Dead Poet Society shows it more throughout the movie.

Neil Perry had to make a decision of his lifetime for himself due to the pressure he has from his father. Neil Perry really wants to join a drama play in his school since he has not join in any extra curriculum activities. Mr. Keating teaches his students about Carpe Diem, which means “seize the day”. Mr. Keating is encouraging his students to take a...

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