Importance of IMF

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BA (Hons) in Business Administration28600402641601043940200025 (Level 3)
Nirmal Kalubowila - CB003199 - GF10B1BA
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Miss. Zeenath HidayaSubmitted on:
24th June 2011
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Executive summery
According the Economic times (2011) “Online shopping is the next big thing”. Out of all the sales done in South Asia 3% to 4% sales are done by online. Sri Lanka been one of the developing country is South Asia which as approximately having 1,163,494 individual internet connections (TRC, 2010) can be identified as a good potential market for “Online shopping” to grow. In the year 2006 Dialog Telekom introduces with a partnership of another company call Four Corners Pvt. Ltd. With the designer expertise of Four Corners Pvt. Ltd was introduced to the market, with partnership with many well reputed suppliers such as Soft logic, ODEL, Cake Factory Etc. and with collaboration with well renounce bankers such as Nations Trust, HSBC and NDB. All the delivery is handle by International Xpress which is a subsidiary of the Aitken Spence Group. All the business that are been done under the ibuy will have to through its website, so it’s a must to maintain the site in the best possible way that will always satisfied the consumers. According to the survey done under this report contains all the E-marketing techniques and recommendations that ibuy can adopted in order to gain competitive advantage over the competitors. Also the current segments have been analyzed and new segments have been introduced in order to gain the maximum market share. Finally E-CRM recommendations have been suggested to maintain a good relationship with the customers. Acknowledgement

First and for most I would like to thank my lecture Miss. Zeenath Hidaya for her interesting and interactive lectures inside the class room and for her untiring individual guidance towards completing this assignment effectively. And I also like to thank my parents and sister who have supported me in numerous ways in completing this report. If not for their effort and sacrifice I would have not be able complete a successful report like this. Last but not the least I would like to thanks my dear friends in my batch and the administrative and academic staff of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology. Table of Content

TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive summery PAGEREF _Toc296668237 \h iiAcknowledgement PAGEREF _Toc296668238 \h iiiTable of Content PAGEREF _Toc296668239 \h ivList of Tables PAGEREF _Toc296668240 \h vList of Figures PAGEREF _Toc296668241 \h vi1.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc296668242 \h 71.1Industry Analysis PAGEREF _Toc296668243 \h 81.2 Competitor Analysis PAGEREF _Toc296668244 \h 91.2.1 Porters Analysis PAGEREF _Toc296668245 \h 111.2.2 Site Analysis PAGEREF _Toc296668246 \h 121.2.3 Revenue Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc296668247 \h 161.2.4 Internet Business Model PAGEREF _Toc296668248 \h 171.2.5 Good and Bad E-Marketing Practices PAGEREF _Toc296668249 \h 192.0 SEGMENTATION AND TARGETING PAGEREF _Toc296668250 \h 202.1 Market Trends PAGEREF _Toc296668251 \h 202.2 Segmentation PAGEREF _Toc296668252 \h 202.2.1 Geographic PAGEREF _Toc296668253 \h 212.2.2 Demographic PAGEREF _Toc296668254 \h 222.2.3 Psychographic PAGEREF _Toc296668255 \h 242.2.4 Behavioral PAGEREF _Toc296668256 \h 252.3 TARGETING PAGEREF _Toc296668257 \h 263.0 POSITIONING PAGEREF _Toc296668258 \h 283.1 Value proposition PAGEREF _Toc296668259 \h 283.2 Strategic Approach PAGEREF _Toc296668260 \h 283.2.1 Comparison of the unique value proposition with the competitors PAGEREF _Toc296668261 \h 293.2.2 Conceptual Map PAGEREF _Toc296668262 \h 303.3 Positioning Strategy PAGEREF _Toc296668263 \h 314.0 E-MARKETING STRATEGY PAGEREF _Toc296668264 \h 334.1 Objectives Of PAGEREF _Toc296668265 \h 334.2 E-Marketing...
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