Importance of History Studies

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The Importance of History Studies
What is history? According to E.H. Carr (1984), history is a science, no more and no less. Meanwhile, R.G. Collingwood (1946), described the history as re-enactment of past experience. Obviously, history studies is the study of past events, particularly in human affairs. In Malaysia, history is a compulsory subject in the school curriculum. Referring to Examination Board Circular No. 3, Year 2011, history is a must-pass subject in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination from 2013 along with the Bahasa Malaysia subject. With the move, students must pass the subject to be able to obtain the SPM certificate.

People always said that leaning history was hard. History subject usually thought as the hardest subject to be score in the examination. How to study history effectively? History does not mean to be memorized all the time. The main problem is not history itself. Anyway, the study of history can be fun. There are many ways on how we can study history with fun and effective. Firstly, try to understand the bottom line of the events and learn the causes and the consequences. With great understanding, we can easily remember the facts and events that had happened. There is no need to burn the midnight oil in order to memorize the facts. Secondly, do a few searches on the Internet or wherever. So that, we can see there are many past events with different view according to the some historians. It will be quite different from the general textbook. Sometimes, using the technology such as internet is quite cool in order to study history.

After finishing our reading and understanding a history event, talk about it with someone such as your classmate, parents, teacher and tutor. History is meant to be told to the others. Talking about history to others can make us understand about the events better. Moreover, try finding a historical movie that would help us understand the material. For example, if we need to learn about the...

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